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Funny, Like an Abortion By Rachel Bublitz

August 3th-13th, 2023

In a society where choice has been stripped away, Monroe, the protagonist, finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. Determined not to succumb to oppressive laws, she and her best friend Jade devise a daring plan: an abortion party. This radical act of defiance sets the stage for a powerful exploration of friendship, resilience, and the fight for reproductive rights.


Shoe Night By Kelsey Norton

August 5th-14th. 2022

For years, Norah has repeatedly imagined what she might say to the man who cruelly ghosted her during their long-term relationship. A quick stop for new shoes, therefore, becomes an opportune moment when she spots him only a few feet across the aisle. 


In the modern dating world, ghosting has become a regular occurrence for early relationships. But what happens when a partner of significance disappears without explanation? New Twin Cities playwright Kelsey Norton brings to the stage the lasting consequences of this behavior, offering us the closure few are rarely given.


Gray: A Virtual Reading By Kelsey Norton

January 29th - February 5th

"Gray" tells the story of Rachel and Paul's seemingly perfect relationship that fragments when an old friend is hired at Rachel's work and secrets from their college years are revealed. As narratives tangle, the same question persists: how do you determine justice when nothing appears black and white?  

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R Culture by Cecilia Copeland

August 2-10th, 2019

“R Culture, Our Culture, Rape Culture, USA!”

Through edgy satire comedy, Cecilia Copeland’s R Culture tackles the escalating issue of rape culture in America. Copeland carefully crafts a high stakes environment with a backdrop of carnival vignettes to set the stage for the Ringmaster and their clowns to unmask the disdainful behavior that lurks in our society. Settings include dialogue from high school parties, college admissions processes, climbing the corporate ladder; revealing nakedly a chilling truth that we often try to ignore, R culture is embedded into the American subconscious.

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Safety Off: A Theatrical Discussion of Gun Violence in America

September 14th-23rd, 2018


There have been 156 mass shootings in which four or more people have been killed since the 1966 University of Texas clock tower shooting. 11 have happened this year, including the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting on Feb. 14th, which started a movement so large it's impossible not to notice.

Safety Off (Sponsored by Protect Minnesota) is a compilation of scenes and monologues, collected from the Protest Plays Project, meant to share various perspectives on gun violence in America. With school shootings at the forefront of this movement, it will be easy to forget our goals, as students enjoy their summer. This September, we will rekindle the conversation, and remind everyone to raise their voices in the November midterm elections. After each performance we will have talkback discussions with our audience, our artists, and members of nonprofit organizations already fighting for gun control. Through these discussions, we hope to not only have impactful conversations, but also wish to connect passionate audience members with groups in their neighborhood to help the cause.

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