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Our Mission

At EnCompass Theatre our mission is to encompass both the audience and the artist to help create theatre that is topical and compelling. We do this by selecting shows that follow our theatrical moral compass.

N: New works and New artists

We strive to collaborate with new and emerging designers, playwrights, and actors that have unique perspectives on their art. By bringing together passionate artists we are able to bring new stories and characters to the stage, as well as explore new visions for classic tales. 

E: Enthralling and Educational

Like any theatre company our objective is to put on an entertaining show. We, however, expect theatre to be more than that.We believe that audiences should walk away with more on their mind than the mundane. Instead, an audience should depart reflecting on the art, society, history, or even oneself.

S: Social Justice and Social Consciousness

 Our company's ambition is to engage with scripts that discuss topical issues that influence our communities. By partnering with community members and non profit organizations we will be able to spark conversations and inspire action. 

W: Women Led and Women Inspired 

Company Founder and Artist Director, Casey Marie Holmes started this company with the intent to collaborate with as many female artists as possible. With a feminist lens we are able to bring to life powerful female roles and narratives. 

With these directions to guide us, we believe EnCompass Theatre will be able to create and produce shows that will benefit our audiences, artists, and communities.


Meet Our Artistic Director

Casey Marie Holmes

Casey Marie is a Twin Cities based theatre artist who knows the role of actor, stage manager, dramturg, teacher and director for companies across the metro area including; Phipps Center for the Arts, Chain Reaction Theatre Project, Children's Theatre Company, St. Croix Festival Theatre, and Theatre Unbound. 

She started EnCompass Theatre in 2018 when she wanted to use theatre as a way to create discussion and change. 

Her passions include Theatre for Social Justice, Intimacy in the Theatre, and is a bad ass feminist; all which show through the theatre she produces.

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